Bullseye and Fleur-de-lis Composite Lamp

The font pattern for this composite lamp is called Bullseye and Fleur-de-lis and it was made in America during the 1860s. In her third book "Oil...

Marble Base Oil Lamp circa 1860s

This antique marble base oil lamp has an "Onion Repeat" pattern font. The name sounds uninviting but the pattern certainly is not. Quite to the...

Cast Iron Base Kerosene Lamp

This iron base kerosene lamp was made in the USA during the 1870s. The two piece cast iron base is well moulded with lovely floral motifs around the...

Antique English Hand Painted Table Lamp

Here we have an English hand painted table lamp circa 1905. It has a lovely opaque blue glass font with hand painted floral decorations and a cast...

Sold on 3rd May 2021
Early Melon Pattern Oil Lamp with Marble Base

This early Melon pattern oil lamp is quite old. It was made in the USA during the 1860s. This style of pattern was used by many companies so it is...

English Duplex Paraffin Lamp circa 1905

The style of this antique English duplex paraffin lamp (kerosene lamp) points to it having been made circa 1905. It bears strong similarities to...

Antique Bismarck Oil Lamp

This antique European Bismarck oil lamp is one of the less commonly seen styles. Instead of the expected all white lamp, it has a lovely emerald...

Antique French Oil Lamp early 1900s

This is a very pretty little antique French oil lamp from the early 1900s. The blue glass font is a lovely colour and the embossed diamond and...

Fenton Silver Crest Basket circa 1960s

Fenton Silver Crest Basket It is most likely that this lovely Fenton Silver Crest Petticoat Glass Basket was produced between 1964 and 1971. The...

Sharon Panel Kerosene Hand Lamp

This antique oil lamp is a Sharon Panel pedestal hand lamp or finger lamp. A range of stand and hand lamps in this pattern are shown on page 265 of...

Sold on 17th Nov 2020
Central Glass Company Buckle pattern oil lamp

This lovely antique glass oil lamp was made by Central Glass Company in Wheeling, West Virginia during the early 1870s. The pattern is a Buckle...

English Table Lamp with Hand Painted Font

This English table lamp dates to circa 1930. The font has lovely hand painted floral decorations and the base is black painted cast iron. The...

Sold on 2nd Nov 2020
EAPG Dogtooth Pattern Oil Lamp

This Dogtooth pattern oil lamp was made in America during the period 1880 to 1900. The lamp is shown on page 283 fig.(g) of Catherine Thuro’s...

Sold December 2022
Hand Painted Amber Font Table Lamp

The hand painted motifs on this font is different to what you would normally find on English kerosene table lamps from the late 19th to early 20th...

Sold 12th May 2021
Antique Kosmos Vase Lamp with Frosted Shade

This antique Kosmos vase lamp is European in origin, most likely German, and dates from the mid 1880s to the early 1900s. The vase is beautifully...

Bridges Band Composite Oil Lamp - Front

There can be no doubts as to when this Bridges Band composite oil lamp was made. The July 2 1872 patent date is moulded into the spill ring around...