Aladdin Mantle Lamps

Our current range of Aladdin mantle lamps includes both American and Australian models

Amber Corinthian Aladdin Mantle Lamp

Aladdin Mantle Lamp – Light Amber Corinthian (1935 – 1936)

Aladdin Cathedral Oil Lamp Kerosene Lamp

Aladdin Clear Cathedral Lamp with 601-9 style shade

Aladdin Alacite Tall Lincoln Drape Incandescent Mantle Lamp










You might also enjoy looking at some of the Aladdin mantle lamps we have in our collection or have previously sold

Australian Aladdin Bakelite Lamp

Australian Aladdin Bakelite Personal Oil Lamp

Pair of Australian Aladdin Family Lamps

Pair of Australian Aladdin Model 1630 Family Lamps with Bakelite Fonts

Australian Bakelite Aladdin Mantle Lamp

Australian Aladdin Bakelite Family Lamp 1944-1952

Australian Aladdin Family Oil Lamp with shade

Australian Aladdin Family Lamp with Hobnail Shade

 Aladdin Clear Colonial Kerosene Mantle Lamp

Aladdin Clear Colonial Kerosene Mantle Lamp 1933

Aladdin Amber Corinthian (1935-1936) Incandescent Mantle Oil Lamp

Australian Aladdin Family Lamp with Bakelite Font

Australian Aladdin Bakelite Lamp with Parchment Shade

Aladdin Clear Colonial (1933) Mantle Lamp with original 501-11 Shade

Australian Aladdin Metal Family Lamp Parchment Shade

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