English Brass Stem Banquet Lamp

This brass stem banquet lamp has a lovely hand painted and gilded font, an unusual brass stem and a simple etched globe shade. The custard glass...

Sold December 2022
English Duplex Banquet Lamp

The simple style of this English duplex banquet lamp is the very thing that makes it so appealing. From the frosted shade and clear font to the...

Sold 20th Oct 2021
English silver plate banquet lamp

This English silver plate banquet lamp certainly makes an impression. The large, faceted clear glass font has a lovely amethyst tint to it that...

Sold 20th Oct 2021
Reproduction Banquet Lamp with Shade

Make no mistake, this is definitely a relatively modern reproduction banquet lamp. Regardless of that, it is still a lovely lamp. At first glance...

Sold on 16th June 2018
Florentine Copper Banquet Lamp Kerosene Lamp

Antique Florentine Copper Banquet Lamp The detail in this antique banquet lamp (circa 1895) is quite exceptional. From the intricate floral pattern...

Sold on 1st Dec 2017
Antique Brass Banquet Lamp

This antique brass banquet lamp dates to the 1890s. It has an elegance that is very attractive and appealing. The vase that holds the font is...

Sold on 27th Oct 2016
Etched glass font oil lamp and shade

This beautiful etched glass font lamp is in the same style as some American lamps from the 1860s and 1870s. This one however, is Bohemian and dates...

Sold on 2nd Oct 2016
Amethyst Font English Banquet Lamp -

This English banquet lamp has a lovely, deeply coloured amethyst glass font. The font is decorated with hand painted floral motifs in three...

Sold on 22nd March 2015
Copper Finish Kerosene Banquet Lamp

This kerosene banquet lamp has a copper finish on the foot, stem and vase. In some places, you can see that the copper has worn off and the...

Sold on 8th March. 2015
Ruby Glass and Brass Banquet Lamp

This is an English banquet lamp with a lovely, deeply colored ruby glass font atop a heavy brass base and reeded column. The antique fluted...

Sold on 11th October 2014
Cherubs Cast Iron Kerosene Lamp

This is an unusual cast iron kerosene lamp in that both the stand and the entire removable font are made of cast iron. More commonly, the font is...

Sold on 22nd August 2014
Nickel and Marble Antique Banquet Oil Lamp

The marble (or onyx) stem and intricately detailed nickel sections of this antique banquet oil lamp all contribute to its elegance and...

Sold on 19th July 2014
Antique Brass & Wrought Iron Lamp

This antique wrought iron lamp is almost tall enough to be called an organ lamp rather than a banquet lamp. This style of oil lamp was popular in...

Sold on 19th July 2014
Custard Glass Banquet Lamp

There is an understated elegance to this custard glass banquet lamp and the quality is obvious. The cased glass shade and font are completely...

Sold on 12th October 2013
Antique English Kerosene Lamp with shade

This English kerosene lamp dates to the later part of the Victorian period. The blue glass font appears to be free blown. There are several small...

Sold on 25th June 2013
Australian Aladdin mantle Lamp with shade

This is a uniquely Australian Aladdin mantle lamp. The steel stand has a wide, sand weighted base, a brass knurl at the midpoint and a brass peg...

Sold on 16th June 2013