Bullseye and Fleur-de-lis Composite Lamp

The font pattern for this composite lamp is called Bullseye and Fleur-de-lis and it was made in America during the 1860s. In her third book "Oil...

Marble Base Oil Lamp circa 1860s

This antique marble base oil lamp has an "Onion Repeat" pattern font. The name sounds uninviting but the pattern certainly is not. Quite to the...

Cast Iron Base Kerosene Lamp

This iron base kerosene lamp was made in the USA during the 1870s. The two piece cast iron base is well moulded with lovely floral motifs around the...

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Early Melon Pattern Oil Lamp with Marble Base

This early Melon pattern oil lamp is quite old. It was made in the USA during the 1860s. This style of pattern was used by many companies so it is...

Bridges Band Composite Oil Lamp - Front

There can be no doubts as to when this Bridges Band composite oil lamp was made. The July 2 1872 patent date is moulded into the spill ring around...

Bowtie Band Font Composite Lamp

This lovely antique composite oil lamp has a Bowtie Band font and a delicately coloured and hand painted glass stem. The pretty, delicate blue...

Antique Redware Stem Oil Lamp

Originally, this antique redware stem lamp would have had a scene or some other decoration painted on the stem. This type of stem was cheap to...

Sold on 30th Oct 2018
Antique Composite Oil Lamp - Front

An antique composite oil lamp such as this one was a popular and affordable choice for many people in North America in the 1880s and 1890s. These...

Sold on 11th August 2018
Antique Kerosene Stand Lamp

Kerosene stand lamps or composite lamps like this one were most popular between 1880 - 1900. Being cheap to make, attractive oil lamps were...

Sold on 23rd June 2018
Hand painted Stem Composite Kerosene Lamp Oil Lamp

The stem decoration on this antique composite kerosene lamp is quite unusual. Instead of the usual polychrome bird or floral motifs, it has been...

Sold on 17th August 2017
Antique Iron Base Oil Lamp

The base of this antique iron base oil lamp was made by Edward Miller & Co. It has been identified as a Miller lamp base “No. 179-1/2”. On...

Sold on 25th May 2017
Etched glass font oil lamp and shade

This beautiful etched glass font lamp is in the same style as some American lamps from the 1860s and 1870s. This one however, is Bohemian and dates...

Sold on 2nd Oct 2016
Ruby Flashed Font Oil Lamp

This is an early oil lamp (circa 1860s) with a ruby flashed font and marble base. The font is clear glass with a thin flash, or overlay, of ruby...

Sold on 25th Oct 2015
Painted Redware Stem Oil Lamp

A redware stem oil lamp was cheaper to produce so cheaper to buy. This made a nice composite lamp affordable for almost everyone. The redware...

Sold on 19th Oct 2015
Shield and Star Pattern Composite Oil Lamp

The decorative pattern on the font of this antique oil lamp is called Shield and Star and it is quite obvious why. It was most likely produced during...

Sold on 30th Sept 2015
Thumbprint Glass Font Composite Oil Lamp -

This antique composite oil lamp has a Thumbprint glass font and a hand painted glass stem. The font has the style of those from the mid 1860s but...

Sold on 8th March. 2015