Atterbury Co. Figural Lamp

Atterbury Co. Figural Oil Lamp There can be no doubt that this lamp was made by Atterbury Co. of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In her second book “Oil...

Sold on 22nd Sept 2016
Antique Figural Oil Lamp Kerosene Lamp

The stem on this antique figural oil lamp is quite detailed and shows that a great deal of care and effort went into its design. The simple font...

Sold on 24th August 2014
Polished Spelter Figurine Lamp

This spelter figurine lamp would have been produced during the 1870s. Whilst figural oil lamps were popular from around 1865 until the 1880s, this...

Sold on 5th August 2014
Antique Cherub Oil Lamp Kerosene Lamp

This figural cherub oil lamp is one of the earlier styles and would date to around 1870. The brass caps that cover the entire top and bottom of the...

Sold on 5th August 2014
Figural Stem Art Nouveau Oil Lamp

This figural Art Nouveau oil lamp was made in the USA and dates from the 1880s - 1890s. The font has an embossed leafy design around the centre....

Sold on 23rd March 2014
Antique Figural Lamp

The stem on this antique figural lamp depicts a very pastoral scene. It shows a woman sitting on a tree stump with a basket of grapes on one...

Sold on 21st March 2014
Stepped Base Figural Stem Lamp Kerosene Lamp

This antique figural stem lamp is a little different to most. The inclusion of a spelter foot section to hold the soapstone base sets it apart from...

Sold on 31st August 2013
Antique figurine lamp

The stem on this antique figurine lamp shows a young girl holding her pet rabbit. She appears to be resting against a tree stump or a log...

Sold on 11th June 2013
Figural Oil Lamp Kerosene Lamp

Thanks to the 1867 and 1873 patent dates stamped into the collar on this figural oil lamp, we can be sure of its age. The frosted panel font with...

Sold on 22nd April 2013
Humourous Figural Kerosene Lamp Oil Lamp

You can't help but smile when you take a close look at the stem of this figural kerosene lamp. This glimpse of 1870s humour shows a young girl...

Sold on 9th March 2013
are All Spelter Oil Lamp

It is rare to find an antique, all spelter oil lamp like this one where the font is spelter as well as the stem. Generally, figural lamps have...

Sold on 9th September 2012
Pair of Antique Oil Lamps

This is a delightful pair of antique oil lamps (circa 1870s) featuring figural stems of a young boy on one and a young girl on the other. The...

AU$750 pair
Sold on 18th August 2012
Figural Lamp with One Piece Stem

This figural lamp is a little different to most because the base and stem have been cast as a single piece. Generally, figural oil lamps have a...

Sold on 6th May 2012
Figural Stem Banquet Lamp with Victorian Shade

This is a very elegant antique figural oil lamp. The lovely blue tipped etched Victorian shade compliments the graceful lines of the figure...

Sold on 7th April 2012