Central Glass Company Buckle pattern oil lamp

This lovely antique glass oil lamp was made by Central Glass Company in Wheeling, West Virginia during the early 1870s. The pattern is a Buckle...

EAPG Dogtooth Pattern Oil Lamp

This Dogtooth pattern oil lamp was made in America during the period 1880 to 1900. The lamp is shown on page 283 fig.(g) of Catherine Thuro’s...

Sold December 2022
English Cranberry Glass Finger Lamp

This English cranberry glass finger lamp is really quite sweet. It has been expertly hand blown into an unusual shape. The area of the font either...

Atterbury Oil Lamp Hero

The pattern of this Atterbury oil lamp is known as Hero and it was shown in the company's 1874 catalogue. Atterbury & Co. of Pittsburgh,...

Sold December 2022
Zipper Loop footed finger lamp

Zipper Loop oil lamps were made by Imperial Glass Co. in the early 20th century. The entire range of Zipper Loop lamps were mould blown rather than...

Antique Turkey Foot oil lamp

This antique Turkey Foot oil lamp is a fine example of the early machine made glass kerosene lamps. It was produced by The United States Glass...

Riverside Swirled Rosettes Oil Lamp

This Swirled Rosettes pattern oil lamp was made by Riverside Glass Co. around 1884 to 1900. Thanks to the distinctive flared clinch collar, it is...

Sold Nov 2021
Australian Glass Kero Lamp

This lovely little lamp is an Australian glass kero lamp. The simple lines and the diminutive size of this sweet little lamp are very appealing. It...

Crown Crystal Six Star Finger Lamp

This is the clear version of the Crown Crystal Glass Six Star finger lamp. Surprisingly, this is the first clear one we have had. In the past we have...

Sold on 17th Jan 2021
Pomona Antique Glass Lamp

This antique glass lamp was advertised in the American trade journal "China, Glass and Lamps, 1893". The ad was placed by Thos. Evans Co.,...

Sold on 7th Jan 2018
Double Arch Glass Kerosene Lamp Oil Lamp

The pattern of this antique stand lamp is called "Double Arch" and it has been attributed to both the King Glass Company and to the O'Hara Glass...

Sold Nov 2021
German Bismarck Reading Lamp

The origins of this lovely lamp is undeniable. It has a badge with the words The Bismarck Reading Lamp on the collar and the Kosmos burner has the...

Sold on 19th Nov 2018
Clear Glass Kerosene Finger Lamp

The shape and style of this clear glass kerosene finger lamp is very similar to the green Depression glass lamps we have handled in the past. Like...

Sold on 6th Oct 2021
Pair of Australian Late Petal Lamps

Here we have a pair of clear glass Australian Late Petal kerosene lamps. The lamps were made by Crown Crystal Glass Co. in Sydney and were in...

AU$95 the pair
Sold on 19th Dec 2017
Smokey Blue Glass Finger Lamp

This unusual smokey blue glass finger lamp has a rib pattern within the glass. It also has an eight pointed star moulded into the body on the...

Sold on 13th Oct 2017
Central Glass Co Rib with Scalloped Cable Base Oil Lamp

This little antique oil lamp is a fine example of the Central Glass Co. "Rib with Scalloped Cable Base" stand lamp. Central Glass Co. started in...

Sold on 26th May 2017