Ava Glass Lamp with Diamond Base

This Ava glass lamp with Diamond Base is one of the smaller stand lamps. The pattern is very delicate and feminine which suits its diminutive...

Sold on 22nd August 2014
Hand Painted Custard Uranium Glass Finger Lamp

This antique custard uranium glass finger lamp is nicely decorated with a band of hand painted flowers around the font. The true delight of this...

Sold on 22nd August 2014
Turkey Foot Oil Lamp

This Turkey Foot oil lamp is a fine example of the early machine made glass products. Made in the first part of the 20th century by The United...

Sold on 18th July 2014
Blue Glass Oil Lamp Kerosene Lighting

When looking at the vibrant colour of this blue glass oil lamp, it is hard to remember that it was made in the 1890s. The pattern is called...

Sold on 14th June 2014
Uranium Glass Finger Oil Lamp Kerosene Lamp

The green tint in the glass used to make this kerosene finger lamp is not overly pronounced. It is only when it is exposed to ultra violet light that...

Sold on 23rd March 2014
Antique Custard Glass Finger Lamp

This custard glass kerosene finger lamp is unusual in that the font is square rather than round. Each of the four sides is decorated with a simple...

Sold on 22nd March 2014
Crown Crystal Vaseline Glass Lamp

There is no doubt about where this citrine vaseline glass lamp was made. It is definitely Australian circa 1930 and was made by Crown Crystal Glass...

Sold on 21st March 2014
Green Glass Finger Oil Lamp Kerosene Lamp

This green glass finger lamp is a bit of a mystery to us. We found it in a reference book that suggested it was German or Belgian circa 1910 but...

Sold on 25th January 2014
Antique Custard Glass Hand Lamp

The font of this antique custard glass hand lamp is decorated with a lovely embossed pattern. It has a central band of four raised panels around the...

Sold on 20th January 2014
EAPG Ribbed Glass Oil Lamp

As yet, we haven't been able to identify the maker of this little ribbed glass antique oil lamp. It has a simple design with horizontal ribs...

Sold on 21st October 2013
Green Zipper Loop Finger Lamp

There is no doubt that this is a Zipper Loop finger lamp but after that it is a mystery to us. We have not been able to find any references to the...

Sold on 12th October 2013
Early Bullseye Antique Glass Oil Lamp

The pattern of this antique glass oil lamp is called “Panelled Bullseye”. A variety of lamps with this font pattern are shown on page 93 of...

Sold on 17th August 2013
EAPG Clear Glass Oil Lamp

So far, we have been unable to identify the pattern of this EAPG (Early American Patterned Glass) oil lamp. However it does show characteristics...

Sold on 17th August 2013
Fishscale with Cable Font Oil Lamp Kerosene Lamp

When you look at this antique oil lamp, it is very easy to see why the pattern is called Fishscale with Cable Font. The lamp was made by Dalzell,...

Sold on 17th August 2013
Clear Peacock Feather Stand Oil Lamp Kerosene Lamp

The attractive Peacock Feather pattern has always been popular and this clear glass stand lamp is a very elegant example. This EAPG pattern was...

Sold on 16th June 2013
Aladdin Colonial Lamp Model 104

The Aladdin Colonial lamp was only produced in 1933. Available in three colours - clear, green and amber - this oil lamp is the Clear Beta Crystal...

Sold on 15th June 2013