Antique Kosmos Vase Lamp with Frosted Shade

This antique Kosmos vase lamp is European in origin, most likely German, and dates from the mid 1880s to the early 1900s. The vase is beautifully...

Marriage Blue Floral Parlour Lamp

This pretty blue floral parlour lamp is what is termed a "marriage". It is so named because the globe shade and the vase are not original to each...

Antique English Duplex Parlour Oil Lamp

This antique English duplex parlour lamp dates to around the turn of the 20th century. The clear glass font has a lovely raised honeycomb style...


Like all antique vase lamps, this lamp has a removable font that makes it much easier to use. Being able to simply lift the font out of the vase...

Sold December 2022
Cornelius Co. Solar Lamp

There can be no disputing that this beautiful solar oil lamp was made by Cornelius Co, Philadelphia. The plaque on the font provides details of the...

Sold August 2019
German Bismarck Reading Lamp

The origins of this lovely lamp is undeniable. It has a badge with the words The Bismarck Reading Lamp on the collar and the Kosmos burner has the...

Sold on 19th Nov 2018
White Satin Glass Embossed Parlor Lamp

This embossed parlor lamp was made circa 1895 - 1905 by the Consolidated Lamp & Glass Company of Coraopolis, Pennsylvania. Their range of...

Sold on 26th April 2018
Antique European Vase Lamp

This antique European vase lamp is very different to English or American oil lamps. It has a beautifully hand painted ceramic vase with a drop in...

Sold on 5th Dec 2017
Antique Solar Lamp Astral Lamp

Originally this antique solar lamp (also incorrectly called an astral lamp) would have had a very early centre draft burner and used lard or...

Sold on 29th Sep 2017
Matching GWTW Parlor Oil Lamp

This antique parlor oil lamp is still in as good a condition as the day it was made. The colours in the hand painted fuchsias are still vibrant and...

Sold on 13th June 2015
Original Hand Painted Parlor Lamp Kerosene Lamp c. 1895

This beautiful Gone with the Wind oil lamp is an original, matching, transfer and hand painted parlor lamp dating to the 1890s. The Gone with the...

Sold on 19th April 2015
Hand Painted Antique Parlor Lamp

This hand painted antique parlor lamp or "Gone with the Wind" oil lamp, is very impressive. The reds and pinks used for the poppies are repeated in...

Sold on 7th March 2015
gone with the wind parlor lamp

The decoration on this antique hand painted Gone with the Wind parlor lamp is more subdued than others we've seen. It has matching floral motifs of...

Sold on 26th Oct 2014
Antique Kerosene Parlor Lamp with prisms

This antique kerosene parlor lamp dates to the 1890s. There is no doubt that the vase and shade are original to each other as the motifs and the...

Sold on 19th October 2014
Antique Parlour Lamp Oil Lamp

This half shade antique parlour lamp is one of the most unusual ones we have seen. The all over green scroll work pattern is actually debossed into...

Sold on 17th October 2014
Large Matching Antique Parlor Oil Lamp Kerosene Lamp

This antique parlor oil lamp is one of the largest we have come across. The beautiful hand painted globe shade and vase are completely matching and...

Sold on 17th October 2014