Wrought Iron Banquet Lamp with Bent Glass Shade

The skills of blacksmiths were very evident in wrought iron banquet oil lamps like this one and the lovely vintage bent glass shade compliments it...

Sold on 17th June 2012
Fenton Cranberry Coin Dot Double Crimp Vase (Ware #1457-CR)

This lovely Fenton cranberry coin dot double crimp vase is ware # 1457-CR and was produced 1952 - 1965. It is in perfect condition without any...

Sold on 16th June 2012
Hand Painted Heron Stem Composite Lamp

The engraved font and tapered brass connectors on this hand painted heron stem composite lamp make it one of the more elegant antique composite...

Sold on 16th May 2012
Figural Lamp with One Piece Stem

This figural lamp is a little different to most because the base and stem have been cast as a single piece. Generally, figural oil lamps have a...

Sold on 6th May 2012
Peacock Feather Pedestal Finger Lamp

The attractive Peacock Feather pattern has always been popular and this clear glass pedestal finger lamp is no exception. The United States Glass...

Sold on 6th May 2012
Bradley & Hubbard Nickel Hanging Library Lamp Kerosene Lamp with Hand Painted Shade

This hanging library lamp was made by Bradley & Hubbard and the lamp frame bears 1888 patent dates. We believe the shade to be of a similar age...

Sold on 26th April 2012
Hand Painted Vase Lamp (Marriage)

This is an antique hand painted vase lamp and although the globe and vase of this oil lamp aren't original to each other, the colours and hand...

Sold on 26th April 2012
Clear Turkey Foot Finger Lamp

This Turkey Foot finger lamp is the flat form. Made in the first part of the 20th century by The United States Glass Company, the Turkey Foot oil...

Sold on 9th April 2012
Figural Stem Banquet Lamp with Victorian Shade

This is a very elegant antique figural oil lamp. The lovely blue tipped etched Victorian shade compliments the graceful lines of the figure...

Sold on 7th April 2012
Emerald Green Glass Erin Fan hand lamp

Erin Fan is a very popular oil lamp pattern from the 1890s and is especially attractive in this beautiful emerald green glass. There are...

Sold on 7th April 2012
Clear Glass Turkey Foot Oil Lamp Kerosene Lamp

This clear glass Turkey Foot oil lamp is a fine example of the early machine made glass products. Made in the first part of the 20th century by The...

Sold on 18th March 2012
Pair of Wrigleys Antique Oil Lamps Kerosene Lamps

During the late 1890s and early 1900s, these antique oil lamps were offered to retailers of Wrigley's Chewing Gum as sales incentives. The pair of...

Sold on 11th March 2012