Aladdin Corinthian Oil Lamp

The Aladdin Corinthian oil lamp has an understated elegance and appeal. The sweeping lines of the stem and font immediately place it into the Art...

Sold on 14th June 2015
Aladdin Cathedral Lamp with 501-9 style shade

The Aladdin Cathedral lamp was only produced in 1934. They came in three moonstone models (white, green and flesh) and three crystal colours (clear,...

Sold on 9th March. 2015
Bradley and Hubbard Table Lamp

The beautiful hand painted roses on this shade add to the appeal of this nickel Bradley and Hubbard table lamp. It is fitted with the correctly...

Sold on 8th March. 2015
Brass Stem Oil Lamp with Shade

The embossed brass stem with this antique oil lamp is larger than those usually seen on composite lamps such as this. The larger proportions of the...

Sold on 27th Jan. 2015
Rainaud Miller Slag Glass Table Lamp - Alight

This beautiful electric table lamp is a fine example of a Rainaud / Miller slag glass lamp from the early 20th century. There are eight curved,...

Sold on 21st January 2015
Aladdin Alacite Tall Lincoln Drape Oil Lamp Kerosene Lamp

Aladdin made Tall Lincoln Drape oil lamps in a range of colours between 1940 and 1949. This alacite model doesn't glow under UV light so we know...

Sold on 30th Nov. 2014
Sears Roebuck Antique Oil Lamp

This antique oil lamp is one of those made for Sears Roebuck in the late 1890s. It has the characteristic bulbous stem and patterned brass work as...

Sold on 25th Oct. 2014
Antique Brass Vase Oil Lamp

The embossed bands and ornate handles on this antique cylindrical brass vase oil lamp set it apart from most others. The oil lamp was made by...

Sold on 5th August 2014
Pair of Brass Embossed Miller Lamps

This is a beautiful pair of embossed brass, #2 size, Miller lamps. The embossed pattern is very ornate and quite detailed. The lamps are identical...

AU$750 pair
Sold on 5th August 2014
Antique Cast Iron and Copper Lamp

This antique vase oil lamp is different to most in that the stand for the copper lamp is cast iron rather than wrought iron or brass. The copper...

Sold on 27th April 2014
#2 Embossed Nickel Juno Oil Lamp with hand painted shade

Here we have a #2 size, embossed nickel Juno oil lamp in excellent original condition. Despite being over 100 years old, the nickel is not worn or...

Sold on 25th April 2014

This antique electric slag glass table lamp features beautiful caramel coloured slag glass panels in an ornate filigree metalwork frame. The really...

Sold on 23rd March 2014
Copper Finish Trophy Lamp Kerosene Lamp

During the late 1890s, the trophy lamp was a popular style of smaller parlor or table oil lamp. The vase section was made of brass with a pair of...

Sold on 27th October 2013
Aladdin Colonial Lamp Model 104

The Aladdin Colonial lamp was only produced in 1933. Available in three colours - clear, green and amber - this oil lamp is the Clear Beta Crystal...

Sold on 15th June 2013
Plume and Atwood Nickel Oil Lamp Kerosene Lamp

The simple lines of this Plume and Atwood nickel table lamp, coupled with the white rib shade mean it will suit any decor. Thanks to the...

Sold on 9th March 2013
Antique English Table Lamp Kerosene Lamp

The font on this antique English table lamp makes it a stand out. The black Art Nouveau style wave decoration over orange glass is quite dramatic...

Sold on 9th March 2013