Pair of Aladdin Family Lamps

Product code - 0100
AU$650 the pair
Sold on 21st March 2014

Here we have a pair of Australian Model 1630 Aladdin family lamps. Both lamps have turned timber stems and dark brown Bakelite fonts. Fonts like these were only produced at the Sydney factory so are unique to Australia.

Both of the fonts are in excellent unmarked condition and still retain their original Bakelite filler caps. One of the fonts is fitted with an American Model B burner and the other has a British Super Aladdin burner. Burners were never actually manufactured in Australia. Instead, Model B burners were imported from the USA and Super Aladdin burners from the UK. The burners are interchangeable so both burners are correct for these Aladdin family lamps. They are both in good working order and include a wick, flame spreader and a new chimney.

Please note: In order to burn properly, the lamps require mantles. They are not currently fitted with any mantles due to their fragile nature. New mantles will be supplied if required.

The black painted steel bases are the wide Australian style, rather than the narrower UK version.

The cased glass rib shades are modern replacements. The best way to describe the outer colour of the shades is “Honey” and they suit the lamps perfectly. Being a darker colour cased over white, they will focus more of the light downwards so making them ideal for reading, writing and other pursuits that need good light.

This pair of Australian Aladdin family lamps are in excellent restored condition without any damage of any kind.

They would be ideally suited to a den, study or office or at either end of a sideboard.

Height to the tops of the chimneys – 84cm (33″)

Height to the tops of the shades – 68.5cm (27″)

Diameter of the shades – 25cm (10″)

Diameter of the bases – 20cm (8″)

For more information about this pair of Australian Aladdin family lamps, please feel free to contact us and quote “Product code – 0100”

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