Antique Banquet Oil Lamp

Product code - 0040
Sold on 19th July 2014

The marble (or onyx) stem and intricately detailed nickel sections of this antique banquet oil lamp all contribute to its elegance and appeal.

Whilst this kerosene lamp is definitely of American origins, the look is similar to English and European lamps of the period.

The removable slip font is complete and in good working order including a wick and flame spreader.

There is an 1895 patent date stamped into the wick raiser post.

A new chimney is also included.

The original shade that was on this lamp is long gone so we have added a new globe shade.

The replacement shade is milk glass and is decorated with transfers of Peonies in autumn tones. There is a large motif on the front and a smaller one on the reverse. The colour tones used on the shade compliments the marble stem of this antique banquet oil lamp very nicely.

This lovely antique banquet oil lamp is in excellent condition and will make quite an impression as the centrepiece on your dining table.

Height to the top of the chimney – 81cm (32″)

Height to the top of the globe shade – 71cm (28″)

Diameter of the globe shade – 23cm (9″)

For more information about this antique banquet oil lamp, please feel free to contact us and quote “Product code – 0040”

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