English Kerosene Lamp

Product code - 0451
Sold on 25th June 2013

This English kerosene lamp dates to the later part of the Victorian period.

The blue glass font appears to be free blown. There are several small air bubbles within the glass and other minor manufacturing flaws as you would expect in glass from that era.

The reeded brass stem sits atop a patterned brass and black ceramic base. There are a couple of small dents in the ridge of the brass base section and a shallow chip in the ceramic part. The chip has been blackened and is only noticeable once you are aware of it.

The font of this English kerosene lamp is fitted with a duplex burner complete with a working snuffer. The wick raising thumb wheels are marked Made in England but there are no identifying makers marks. The shade gallery has a slight dent on the outside edge but it does not extend into the area where the shade sits.

The vintage shade is a slightly darker shade of blue than the font but they still go together nicely. The glass is quite heavy and has a diamond optic pattern through it.

The lamp is also fitted with a new, flat bulge, duplex chimney.

This antique banquet lamp will look stunning on your sideboard or in the centre of your dining table, especially if it has a window behind it to highlight the rich colour of the glass.

Height to the top of the chimney – 86cm (34″)

Height to the top of the shade – 83cm (32.5″)

Diameter of the shade – 23cm (9″)

For more information about this antique English kerosene lamp, please feel free to contact us and quote “Product code – 0451”

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