Early Marble Base Lamp circa 1863

Product code - 0506M
Sold on 14th June 2014

This is a very early marble base lamp that dates from the early to mid 1860s. The combination of the round, free-blown font and the style of the brass stem and marble base are definite indicators.

The period from 1857 to 1863 saw the transition from whale oil and burning fluid lamps to kerosene which was cheaper and safer to use. Many of the characteristics of the whale oil lamps were initially carried over into the designs of oil lamps and that is what you see in this lamp.

The font doesn’t have any mould marks so we know it was free-blown. Also, there are virtually no manufacturing straw marks present and only a couple of very small air bubbles. All of which are signs of early manufacture.

The other important thing is the square nut on the underside of the marble base lamp which is almost certainly the original.

The lamp is complete with a fully operational vintage burner, a beaded top chimney and a new wick will be fitted.

Overall, this lamp is in excellent condition without and chips, cracks or damage of any kind to the glass or brass work. The marble base has a few tiny nicks on the edges and a small amount of discolouration but nothing more than you would expect given the age of the lamp and the amount of use it has had.

This early marble base lamp will be a wonderful addition to your home or collection.

Height to the top of the burner – 28cm (11″)

Height to the top of the chimney – 44cm (17.25″)

Diameter of the font – 12.5cm (5″)

Width of the base – 9.5cm (3.75″)

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