Marble Base Oil Lamp circa 1860s

Product code - 0636C

This antique marble base oil lamp has an “Onion Repeat” pattern font. The name sounds uninviting but the pattern certainly is not. Quite to the contrary, the flame like pattern around the bottom half of the font is detailed and very attractive. Coupled with the ribbing above the central band, the overall effect is very pleasing to the eye.

The tapered stem is brass and the base is marble. The original square nut that secures the lamp to the base is still in place as well.

Finally, a vintage burner and a new wick and chimney complete this lovely lamp.


Overall, this antique marble base oil lamp is in very good to excellent condition.

The marble base has a few fleabites on the edges and has discoloured over the years but considering the lamp is around 150 years old, that is nothing more than is expected through age and use.

The glass font is free of any chips, cracks or damage of any kind and it is even free of air bubbles or other manufacturing flaws.

We believe this lamp once had some sort of frame fitted around the font. There are still three small dabs of solder on both the collar and the stem directly below the font. These marks align top and bottom and there are also some small pieces of metal still attached to those on the stem. We have no idea what this frame would have been for or what it looked like. We haven’t tried to remove the solder because that would require the application of heat which could easily cause the glass to crack. As glass ages, it becomes more susceptible to changes in temperature. There is also a small abraded area on the top of the font close to where the frame probably sat.

Despite these marks, we are sure this lovely antique oil lamp will be a wonderful addition to your home or your collection.


Height to the top of the burner – 26cm (10″)

Height to the top of the chimney – 40cm (15.75″)

Diameter of the font – 10cm (4″)

Width of the base – 9cm (3.5″)

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