Marble Based Whale Oil Lamp c.1860

Marble Based Whale Oil Lamp

Product code - 0340
Sold on 13th July 2012

It is very likely that this antique oil lamp actually started its life as a burning fluid or whale oil lamp.

The simple plain font is hand blown and the style of the stem and base added to the overall small size of the lamp indicate that it dates to the 1860s during the transition from whale oil to kerosene.

It was a simple matter to change the whale oil burners for kerosene burners on lamps like this one.

The marble base has a few minor nibbles along the edges and some small stains but nothing more than would be expected given its age and usage.

For more information about this kerosene or whale oil lamp, please feel free to¬†contact us quoting “Product code – 0340”

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