Redware Stem Oil Lamp

Product code - 0468R
Sold on 17th August 2013

The stem of this antique composite oil lamp is made from redware, a form of earthenware pottery.

These stems were cheap to produce and were generally finished with a hand painted scene or textured to represent a tree trunk or flowers.

The redware was not very durable and chipped easily. Also, some forms of decoration wore off comparatively quickly with use. As a result, very few redware stem lamps are found now with their original finish completely intact and without damage.

The stone effect finish on the redware stem of this antique kerosene lamp is in very good condition so it could be an example of one which has been restored.

The base is black painted cast iron and the wide collar on the roughened font suggest it is one of the earlier composite lamps, probably from the mid to late 1870s.

The lamp has been fitted with a new burner, a new wick and a new chimney.

This antique oil lamp would be ideal for display in a study, den or office.

Height to the top of the burner – 35cm (13.75″)

Height to the top of the chimney – 56cm (22″)

Diameter of the font – 14cm (5.5″)

For more information about this redware stem composite lamp, please feel free to contact us quoting “Product code – 0468R”

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