Figural Lamp with One Piece Base

Figural Lamp with One Piece Stem

Product code - 0270
Sold on 6th May 2012

This figural lamp is a little different to most because the base and stem have been cast as a single piece.

Generally, figural oil lamps have a separate figural stem piece mounted on a soapstone (slate) or marble base.

Figural lamps such as this one were popular from the mid 1860s through to the 1880s.

The simple but elegant roughened font with its brass shouldered collar and large, wide brass connector indicate that the lamp dates to the earlier part of the period, probably the early 1870s.

It is likely that the figural section has been refinished in the past.

The lamp is complete with a working burner and chimney and is in very good overall condition.

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