Antique Turkey Foot Oil Lamp

Product code - 0654ATF

This antique Turkey Foot oil lamp is a fine example of the early machine made glass kerosene lamps.

It was produced by The United States Glass Company in the early 20th century. The Turkey Foot was a very popular oil lamp and was available in a range of stand lamp sizes. This is the largest (#2 size) stand lamp. The Turkey Foot oil lamp was also produced as both a footed and a flat finger lamp.

In 1909, the same pattern was shown in the company’s catalogue under the name of “Plume”.

In Catherine Thuro’s first book “Oil Lamps – The Kerosene Era in North America”, you will find information about the Turkey Foot oil lamp on pages 318 and 319.

The glass of this lamp has a slight amethyst tint to it. This is not uncommon for these kerosene lamps and adds to the appeal of the lamp.


The overall condition of this antique Turkey Foot oil lamp is excellent.

As expected with a lamp of this age, there are signs of wear on the underside of the foot. There are also a few tiny blemishes around the bottom rim. These could be manufacturing flaws but it is hard to be certain. Apart from that, there are no chips, cracks or repairs of any kind.

Finally, a vintage burner and chimney complete this lamp. We will fit a new wick prior to sale.

This lovely antique Turkey Foot lamp displays beautifully and will be a welcome addition to your home or your collection.


Height to the top of the burner – 32cm (12.5″)

Height to the top of the chimney – 50cm (19.75″)

Diameter of the font – 13cm (5″)

Diameter of the base – 14cm (5.5″)

Further information

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