Late Petal Glass Lamps Pair

Product codes - 0512A and 0535E
AU$150 pair
Sold on 24th August 2014

Both of these are Late Petal glass lamps but they are from opposite sides of the world. One was made in the USA and the other was made in either England or Australia.

The molds used for the lamps are almost identical but not quite. There is a very slight difference in the heights of the two lamps but you have to compare them closely to see it. Also, the bases are very slightly different but again, you have to look closely to see it.

The most noticeable difference is the collars. The Americans were the only ones to use brass insert collars in their lamps. They were used in machine made lamps of the early 20th century. The collar on the other lamp is typical of those used on English lamps and therefore Australian lamps as well. We know this pattern was made in both countries but given the great number that are still around, we think it is more likely to have been made here in Australia.

The glass in both lamps is thick and the lamps are heavy making them very good utilitarian lamps. They would also have been inexpensive.

Both of these Late Petal glass lamps have been fitted with new burners and new beaded top chimneys.

Height to the top of the burner – 28cm (11″)

Height to the top of the chimney – 46cm (18″)

Diameter of the font – 12cm (4.75″)

Diameter of the base – 14cm (5.5″)

For more information about these Late Petal glass lamps, please feel free to contact us and quote “Product code – 0512A for the American one or Product code – 0535E for the English one″

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