Bradley and Hubbard Hanging Oil Lamp

Product code - 0399
Sold on 27th April 2014

Dating to around the turn of the 20th century, this Bradley and Hubbard hanging lamp is stunning.

The shade and vase are hand painted and the colours are still vibrant. The skill of the artist is most evident when the lamp is lit. The confidence and authority of the brush strokes is quite obvious once the shade is back lit. This further adds to the appeal of the antique kerosene hanging lamp.

The removable slip font is marked with the B & H logo and there is a June 7, 1898 patent date on the stem of the wick raiser. The center draft font is complete with a wick, new chimney and flame spreader. The flame spreader has the Rayo logo rather than B & H but the two are interchangeable as they are different incarnations of the same company.

The kerosene lamp is in full working order including the retraction motor that enables it to be raised and lowered easily. All the brass work is in excellent condition and all parts are present. The crystal prisms are replacements.

Overall, this Bradley and Hubbard hanging lamp is in excellent condition and will make a stunning addition to your home.

Diameter of the shade – 36cm (14″)

Approximate drop from the canopy hook to the bottom of the vase finial – 109cm (43″)

For more information about this antique Bradley and Hubbard hanging oil lamp, please feel free to contact us quoting “Product code – 0399”

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