Hanging Library Lamp

Bradley & Hubbard Nickel Hanging Library Lamp Kerosene Lamp with Hand Painted Shade

Product code - 0416
Sold on 26th April 2012

This hanging library lamp was made by Bradley & Hubbard and the lamp frame bears 1888 patent dates.

We believe the shade to be of a similar age but can not be certain that it is original to the lamp.

The green background and the bright hand painted hibiscus flowers on the shade of this lamp go perfectly with the nickel metal work and the glistening hanging prisms.

The hanging library lamp is in full working order as an oil lamp.

It is complete with all the components that it would have had when made including the ceiling canopy, levelling ring and shade crown.

The removable slip font is complete and in full working order including a wick, a flame spreader and a new chimney.

The “motor” for raising and lowering the lamp is also in place and in good working order.

This hanging library lamp is in excellent condition and will be a stunning feature in your lounge, hallway or centered over your dining table.

For more information about this kerosene lamp, please feel free to contact us quoting “Product code – 0416”

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