Jeweled Hanging Lamp

Product code - 0368
Sold on 26th Oct. 2014

A jeweled hanging lamp, such as this one, was often referred to as a kitchen lamp. We believe that the main reason for this is its smaller size. Whether or not it ever hung in a kitchen is not known.

The design of the counterweight mechanism for adjusting the height of the lamp indicates that it would have been installed in a room with a lower ceiling than rooms with the more ornate library or parlor hanging lamps. Originally the “ball” from which the smoke bell hangs would have housed a weight that matched the weight of the lamp. This enabled the lamp to be easily raised and lowered for lighting, filling and cleaning. Unfortunately, the weight is no longer there so the chain has been fixed at a set length.

The slant sided shade is the same diameter as those used in parlor or library lamps but because of the different shape and that it sits outside the frame, it looks smaller. The floral decorations are hand painted and nicely compliment the inset jewels in the frame.

The frame is also very nicely decorated with floral motifs that tie in with the rest of this antique hanging oil lamp.

The removable glass font has an all over sawtooth pattern. Less commonly, it also has a a separate filler. This made it easier to fill with kerosene because the burner and chimney didn’t need to be removed. It would also have been easier to keep clean.

This antique jeweled hanging lamp is fitted with a vintage burner and a new chimney.

Although less ornate than some of the bigger parlour hanging lamps, it is still very elegant and appealing.

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