Miller Hanging Lamp

Product code - 0554
Sold on 22nd Sep 2017

This Edward Miller hanging lamp is one of the best quality hanging oil lamps we have handled. From the ceiling canopy to the bottom finial, the workmanship and design detail is exceptional.

The brass is what is sometimes called rose brass. It has deeper colour than regular brass and gives the entire Miller hanging lamp a softer, warmer appearance.

There are many elements in this library lamp that show it is a high quality oil lamp.

The retraction motor that enables it to be raised and lowered easily is complete and in good working order. The canopy that covers the retraction motor is stamped with a patent date of 1886. It also has an external knob to adjust the tension of the spring.

The most unique thing about this Miller hanging lamp is the chain stops. At some stage in its life, the original ones have been replaced with store tokens from “HANLIN’S CASH DEPARTMENT STORE NEWTON KANSAS”. The tokens were “GOOD FOR 1c IN MERCHANDISE”. It is very likely that this was done at the store before the lamp was put up for sale.

The leveler is a pair of gimballed inner and outer rings rather than a single ring as generally seen. The chains from the ceiling canopy are connected to the inner ring and the outer ring holds the chains that connect to the shade ring. We have only seen this arrangement on a Miller hanging lamp and it certainly isn’t on all of them.

Another Miller characteristic is the addition of bars on either side of the shade ring for the chain attachment. Usually the chains are attached directly to the shade ring but these bars have attachment points at each end, allowing the chains to sit well away from the shade. Again, we only know of this arrangement on the better Miller hanging lamps.

The transfer and hand painted shade is not highly decorated. The simple floral motif and subtle colours compliment the brass work rather than compete with it. The shade is certainly of a similar age to the lamp but there are no guarantees that it is the original one.

The Miller font is the high shoulder style with the 1892 patented wick raising mechanism. It is in good working order, complete with a wick, correct Miller flame spreader and a new chimney. The majority of the prisms are also new.

The quality of the design and workmanship continues throughout the lamp. From the swirl rib pattern on the font holder to the ornate scroll work on the frame and finally to the font itself. All of these things combine to make a high quality, very decorative antique hanging library lamp.


Overall, this Edward Miller hanging lamp is in excellent condition and will make a stunning addition to your home.


Diameter of the shade – 36cm (14″)

Approximate drop from the canopy hook to the bottom of the vase finial – 99cm (39″)

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