3 Piece Girandole Garniture c.1840s

Product code - 0429
Sold on 24th June 2012

This cast bronze figural girandole garniture with marble bases comprises a 3 candle centrepiece plus 2 single candle side pieces.

The figures are all the same and depict a woman attempting to quieten a dog so as not to disturb a seated, sleeping man.

The figures are quite detailed and the workmanship in the moulding is very good.

The marble bases are in very good condition with only a couple of minor fleabites around the edges. Quite remarkable really considering their age.

This lovely antique candelabra set is completed with a mixture of original hanging lustres and some replacement prisms.

The centrepiece measures 43cm (17″) tall by 43cm (17″) wide and each of the side pieces measure 38cm (15″) tall by 16.5cm (6 1/2″) wide. All three pieces are 9cm (3 1/2″) deep.

This shallow, linear arrangement allows them to sit easily on a mantlepiece. They are designed to sit in front of a large mirror so that the light output is doubled. The light catching on the prisms adds to the overall light output and certainly adds to the grandeur of this set of antique girandoles.

The overall quality of this antique girandole garniture is obvious.

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