Antique Vapo – Cresolene Lamp

Product code - 0499C
Sold on 11th October 2014

The first Vapo-Cresolene lamp came into being in 1879. James H Valentine was desperately trying to find something to relieve his daughters whooping cough symptoms. He put a coal tar acid called Cresolene in a tin cup and suspended it over a  small kerosene lamp. The soothing vapours soon filled the room and she found relief.

Valentine was granted a patent for his lamp on August 4 1885. He began production of his medical lamps but lacked the capital to expand the market beyond the village limits. He received financial assistance from George Shepard Page and eventually sold out to Pages’ children.

This lamp bears patent dates of August 4 1885 and August 8 1888.

The original opal glass chimney has been replaced with a reproduction clear glass one. The original finish on the stand is in exceptionally good condition. It is still bright and only shows very minor signs of wear. The tray is dull but doesn’t really look like it has had much use.

Overall the Vapo-Cresolene lamp is in very good condition and will make a wonderful addition to your home or your collection.

Height – 16cm (6.25″)

Width -9cm (3.5″)

Depth -8cm (3.25″)

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