Brass and Glass Wall Oil Lamp

Product code - 0517BB

This is a small, bracket style wall oil lamp and unlike most kerosene wall lamps, the bracket and font holder are brass instead of cast iron.

It is also unlike most bracket wall lamps in that the font holder section of the bracket is solid and relatively shallow. Despite this, the font sits quite securely into the bracket.

Another unusual thing about this wall oil lamp is that there is no provision for a reflector.

The font is a slightly sun purpled and it also has a couple of small air bubbles within the glass. Both these things point to it probably being made around the turn of the 20th century.

The wall oil lamp is complete with a vintage burner and chimney and a new wick will be fitted.

This is an interesting little antique wall lamp that raises more questions than it answers.

Height (lamp only) to the top of the burner – 11.5cm (4.5″)

Height (from bottom of wall bracket) to the top of the burner – 17cm (6.75″)

Height (lamp only) to the top of the chimney – 25cm (10″)

Height (from bottom of wall bracket) to the top of the chimney – 17cm (12.25″)

Diameter of the font at the base – 8cm (3″)

Depth of the bracket including wall fitting – 10.5cm (4″)

Size of the bracket – 4.5cm (1 3/4″) H x 2.75cm (1″) W

For more information or additional pictures of this small brass and glass wall oil lamp or to obtain a shipping estimate, please feel free to contact us quoting “Product code – 0517BB”

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