Brass Double Student Lamp with Miller Burners

Product code - 0303
Sold on 13th December 2013

There are fewer double student lamps found these days than single ones and, like the single ones, they are very much sought after.

The gravity fed fuel supply system is ingenious and well thought out.

This particular brass double student lamp has a central removable font with a valve at the bottom. To fill the font, you invert it and then depress the valve. The valve will stay in the open position while you fill the font. Once it is ready to be replaced into the lamp, you pull the valve up to seal the font and prevent it leaking whilst it is returned to an upright position. As the font is replaced into the font holder, the valve is pushed open again allowing the kerosene to gravity feed to the two burner tanks.

Both of the burners are marked THE SOLAR EM & CO on the thumbwheels and are in good working condition complete with wicks. New chimneys are also included and the brass shade holders have been soldered in place.

The glass shades are cased green over white and are faithful reproductions of the original “Emeralite” style of shades that this double student lamp would probably have had.

Overall, the brass double student lamp is in excellent condition.

The lamp displays exceptionally well and would be a wonderful addition to a den or study.

Height to the top of the central font – 49cm (19″)

Height to the top of the chimneys – 56cm (22″)

Width of the lamp at the widest point – 64cm (25″)

Diameter of the shades (widest part) – 20cm (8″)

Diameter of the shades (fitter) – 18cm (7″)

Diameter of the base – 16cm (6.5″)

For more information about this kerosene double student lamp, please feel free to contact us and quote “Product code – 0303”

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