Brass Kerosene Lamp

Product code - 0490H
Sold on 23rd August 2013

This brass kerosene lamp is very versatile. It has a sturdy brass handle for carrying it by and it also has a slot in the handle for the lamp to be mounted on a wall.

The origins of the lamp are unknown but it does have something of a nautical look to it.

We also can’t be sure of the age of this oil lamp. It is fitted with a Kosmos style burner but there aren’t any identifying marks on the wick thumb wheel. In our opinion, it lacks the weight we would normally expect in a 19th century brass kerosene lamp so we think it is more likely to be from the 20th century.

The lamp is in excellent condition and is fitted with a wick and a new Matador style chimney.

This brass kerosene lamp will make a lovely addition to your home or your collection.

Height to the top of the burner – 16cm (6.25″)

Height to the top of the chimney – 38cm (15″)

Diameter of the base – 14cm (5.5″)

Width of the lamp (including the handle) – 17cm (6.75″)

For more information about this brass kerosene lamp, please feel free to contact us and quote “Product code – 0490H”

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