Manhattan Student Lamp – Nickel

Product code - 0601

This Manhattan student lamp is complete with an original, opal glass shade. The lamp was made by the Manhattan Brass Company and bears patent dates of 1877 and 1879.

Antique student lamps (as distinct from converted or reproduction electric lamps) operate in an ingenious way. The large, tubular section on the side of the lamp houses a fuel tank that can be unscrewed and removed for filling. Once the tank is filled, the spring loaded valve is released to seal it so it can be replaced into the outer sleeve without spilling any of the kerosene. As the tank is screwed into place, the valve opens to allow the fuel to gravity feed to the burner via the connecting pipe.

The burner is also very ingenious. It is fitted with a circular wick that has a metal ring, called a wick chase, attached to the bottom of it. There is a small stud on the outside of the wick chase that fits into the spiral channel below the burner. As the burner itself is rotated, it causes the wick chase to follow the channel and so raise or lower the wick.

The tank and burner assembly can also be raised and lowered on the central post by loosening the adjustment knob and sliding it to the desired position and then tightening the knob again.

This Manhattan student lamp is very good to excellent condition. It is free of dents or damage and the nickel surface is still intact though it does have some minor roughness on the base.

The original, opal glass shade is quite light and is free from any chips, flakes, cracks or damage of any kind.

The chimney also appears to have some age to it but it is doubtful that it is original to the lamp. Chimneys were often replaced during the life of a lamp.

This antique Manhattan student lamp would be ideally suited for use in an office or study and is sure to be a welcome addition.

Height – 52cm (20.5″)

Width (widest point) – 30cm (11.75″)

Diameter of the shade (fitter) – 18cm (7″)

Diameter of the shade (widest point) – 20cm (8″)

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