Paul and Virginia Bronze Girandole

Product code - 0476
Sold on 9th March 2013

The scene depicted on each of the three candelabrum in this girandole garniture is of “Paul and Virginia”.

Paul and Virginia were the main characters in the very popular 18th century French love story by Jacques-Henri Bernardin de Saint-Pierre.

This was a very popular subject for girandole garnitures right through until the mid 19th century. This lovely antique candelabra set was made in the United States and dates to the 1840s.

The girandole garniture comprises a three candle centrepiece plus two single candle side pieces. Each candelabra is cast bronze mounted on a marble base and adorned with hanging prisms.

The garniture has a very shallow, linear design to enable it to sit on a narrow mantlepiece in front of a large mirror. This effectively doubled the light output. The light catching the prisms also adds to the overall light output and certainly adds to the grandeur of this set of antique girandoles.

The centrepiece measures 43cm (17″) tall x 43cm (17″) wide x 10cm (4″) deep and each of the side pieces measure 39cm (15.5″) tall x 14cm (5.5″) wide x 9cm (3.5″) deep.

For more information about this Paul and Virginia girandole garniture, please feel free to¬†contact us and quote “Product code – 0476”

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