Kosmos Brass Vase Lamp c.1900

Product code - 0654EKBV
Sold on 22nd Oct 2016

We believe this sweet little Kosmos brass vase lamp dates to around 1900. The cherubs and the chiseled background decoration on the vase suggests that it was made in either France or Germany, though we feel it has more of a German look to it.

The vase section is quite heavy so it is likely that it is made of brass plated spelter rather than solid brass. Also, the foot has been filled with plaster for added weight and stability.


Overall, this sweet little Kosmos brass vase lamp is in excellent condition. The brass surface of the vase is in very good order without any noticeable losses or damage. The removable brass font is also in very good condition without any stress fractures, repairs or other damage. The Kosmos burner is in good working order as is the chimney.


Height to the top of the burner – 28cm (11″)

Height to the top of the chimney – 48cm (18.75″)

Diameter of the font – 10cm (4″)

Width of the base – 9cm (3.5″)

Further information

For more information about this lovely little Kosmos brass vase lamp, please feel free to contact us and quote “Product code – 0654EKBV”

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