Brass Lamp Stem with Webster Font

The patterned brass lamp stem on this composite lamp is a less commonly found stem form. The font pattern is Webster and compliments the stem...

Sold on 16th June 2013
Australian Aladdin mantle Lamp with shade

This is a uniquely Australian Aladdin mantle lamp. The steel stand has a wide, sand weighted base, a brass knurl at the midpoint and a brass peg...

Sold on 16th June 2013
Clear Peacock Feather Stand Oil Lamp Kerosene Lamp

The attractive Peacock Feather pattern has always been popular and this clear glass stand lamp is a very elegant example. This EAPG pattern was...

Sold on 16th June 2013
Aladdin Colonial Lamp Model 104

The Aladdin Colonial lamp was only produced in 1933. Available in three colours - clear, green and amber - this oil lamp is the Clear Beta Crystal...

Sold on 15th June 2013
Green Bullseye Fine Detail Oil Lamp Kerosene Lamp

The "Bullseye Fine Detail" has always been a very popular oil lamp. They were produced in Canada during the late 1890s and were available in clear,...

Sold on 15th June 2013
Antique Ceramic Base Oil Lamp

We have a bit of a mixture in this antique ceramic base oil lamp. The lamp itself is English but the hand painted shade is American. The English...

Sold on 15th June 2013
Antique figurine lamp

The stem on this antique figurine lamp shows a young girl holding her pet rabbit. She appears to be resting against a tree stump or a log...

Sold on 11th June 2013
Hand painted Stem Composite Kerosene Lamp

There is something slightly whimsical about the style of the hand painting on the stem of this antique composite kerosene lamp. The stem section is...

Sold on 11th June 2013
Vintage green ribbed glass lamp shade

Vintage dark green ribbed glass lamp shade to suit an antique oil lamp or a vintage electric lamp in the kerosene style. Heavy cased glass (green...

Sold on 11th May 2013
Pair of Sewing Lamps Kerosene Lamps

This pair of antique sewing lamps are identical in size and design but they show slight differences in the moulded pattern and glass colour with one...

AU$350 pair
Sold on 22nd April 2013
Figural Oil Lamp Kerosene Lamp

Thanks to the 1867 and 1873 patent dates stamped into the collar on this figural oil lamp, we can be sure of its age. The frosted panel font with...

Sold on 22nd April 2013
Wembley Ware Lustre Glazed Swan Ashtray

Wembley Ware was produced in Subiaco, Western Australia between 1946-1961. This delicate, lustre glazed, swan ashtray is a very fine example of...

Sold on 22nd April 2013
Original Half Shade Parlor Oil Lamp Kerosene Lamp

This original, matching half shade "Gone with the Wind" parlor lamp is very attractive and appealing. The use of a combination of delicate floral...

Sold on 16th April 2013
Amber Ribbed Student Shade

New ribbed student shade - cased amber over white glass. Diameter of the shade -25cm (9.75"). Height of the shade - 16.5cm (6.5"). Please note:...

Sold on 13th April 2014
Hand painted globe lamp shade

This is a vintage hand painted globe lamp shade in excellent used condition. The front of the shade features several clusters of delicate...

Sold on 14th March 2013
Tall Gone with the Wind Oil Lamp Kerosene Lamp

The classical style of the decoration used on this tall Gone with the Wind oil lamp is less commonly seen than the floral or scenic styles and is...

Sold on 11th March 2013