English Cranberry Glass Finger Lamp

This English cranberry glass finger lamp is really quite sweet. It has been expertly hand blown into an unusual shape. The area of the font either...

Custard Glass Font Table Lamp -

This English table lamp has a beautiful hand painted custard glass font coupled with an intricately moulded cast iron base. A kerosene lamp with a...

Sold on 22nd Oct 2020
Marriage Blue Floral Parlour Lamp

This pretty blue floral parlour lamp is what is termed a "marriage". It is so named because the globe shade and the vase are not original to each...

Atterbury Oil Lamp Hero

The pattern of this Atterbury oil lamp is known as Hero and it was shown in the company's 1874 catalogue. Atterbury & Co. of Pittsburgh,...

Sold December 2022
Antique English Duplex Parlour Oil Lamp

This antique English duplex parlour lamp dates to around the turn of the 20th century. The clear glass font has a lovely raised honeycomb style...

Zipper Loop footed finger lamp

Zipper Loop oil lamps were made by Imperial Glass Co. in the early 20th century. The entire range of Zipper Loop lamps were mould blown rather than...

Amber Glass Font Table Lamp

This amber glass font table lamp originated in England and dates to circa 1905. Similar fonts and cast iron bases are shown in the 1905 Feldheim,...

Sold 12th May 2021
Antique Custard Glass Finger Lamp

The font of this antique custard glass finger lamp is decorated with a lovely embossed pattern. It has a central band around the font with swags of...

Antique Turkey Foot oil lamp

This antique Turkey Foot oil lamp is a fine example of the early machine made glass kerosene lamps. It was produced by The United States Glass...

English Brass Stem Banquet Lamp

This brass stem banquet lamp has a lovely hand painted and gilded font, an unusual brass stem and a simple etched globe shade. The custard glass...

Sold December 2022
English Table Lamp with Green Glass Font

This time we have an English table lamp with a green glass font that dates to circa 1910. The font has a very interesting optic pattern within the...

Sold on 26th June 2020
Bowtie Band Font Composite Lamp

This lovely antique composite oil lamp has a Bowtie Band font and a delicately coloured and hand painted glass stem. The pretty, delicate blue...

Cable & Fan Antique Whale Oil Lamp c.1860

This lovely antique whale oil lamp is quite early. The Boston & Sandwich Glass Co, Massachusetts, produced this lamp 1845 - 1865. The pattern is...

Sold 10th June 2020
Small Brass and Glass Wall Oil Lamp

This is a small, bracket style wall oil lamp and unlike most kerosene wall lamps, the bracket and font holder are brass instead of cast iron. It is...

Nickel Manhattan Student Lamp

This Manhattan student lamp is complete with an original, opal glass shade. The lamp was made by the Manhattan Brass Company and bears patent dates...

Antique Half Shade Parlor Lamp

This half shade parlor lamp has an understated appeal. The combination of finely detailed transfers and subtle hand painting combine to create a very...