Aladdin Style Twist Lock Chimney

Plain clear glass twist lock chimney. Designed to fit Aladdin® galleries with locking mechanism (Model 12 onwards) Height of the chimney -...

AU$39 each
Store Lamp Chimney

Plain, clear glass chimney to fit a large hanging saloon or store lamp. Height of the chimney - 12" Diameter of the bulge - 5" Diameter of the...

AU$45 each
Blue and Clear Glass Cathedral Lamp

With its three delicate arching legs, it is easy to see why this antique kerosene lamp is known as a Cathedral lamp. The light blue coloured glass...

Sold on 10th Feb 2016
Green Bullseye Fine Detail oil lamp

The emerald green Bullseye Fine Detail oil lamps have always been very popular. They were produced in Canada during the late 1890s and were...

Sold on 17th Nov 2015
Ruby Flashed Font Oil Lamp

This is an early oil lamp (circa 1860s) with a ruby flashed font and marble base. The font is clear glass with a thin flash, or overlay, of ruby...

Sold on 25th Oct 2015
Painted Redware Stem Oil Lamp

A redware stem oil lamp was cheaper to produce so cheaper to buy. This made a nice composite lamp affordable for almost everyone. The redware...

Sold on 19th Oct 2015
EAPG Pattern under glass Oil Guard Lamp

There are a couple of interesting things about this antique glass oil guard lamp. The first and most obvious thing is the spill rim around the top...

Sold on 10th Oct 2015
Antique Adams and Co Bradford Uil Lamp

This antique oil lamp is the "Bradford" design and was made by Adams and Co. of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania circa 1885. It has a plain font without any...

Sold on 3rd Oct 2015
Shield and Star Pattern Composite Oil Lamp

The decorative pattern on the font of this antique oil lamp is called Shield and Star and it is quite obvious why. It was most likely produced during...

Sold on 30th Sept 2015
Antique Kerosene Table Lamp with Shade

We believe this antique kerosene table lamp dates to the first quarter of the 20th century. It has all the hallmarks of an English table lamp except...

Sold on 20th July 2015
Aladdin Corinthian Oil Lamp

The Aladdin Corinthian oil lamp has an understated elegance and appeal. The sweeping lines of the stem and font immediately place it into the Art...

Sold on 14th June 2015
Blue Glass Kerosene Lamp c 1920s

It is hard to be sure of where this lovely little blue glass kerosene lamp was made. This style of collar was used with both British and Australian...

Sold on 13th June 2015
Matching GWTW Parlor Oil Lamp

This antique parlor oil lamp is still in as good a condition as the day it was made. The colours in the hand painted fuchsias are still vibrant and...

Sold on 13th June 2015
Clear Diamond Optic Finger Lamp

This antique finger lamp has a lovely diamond optic pattern within the clear glass. The glass is very light and there are no mould marks and only a...

Sold on 13th June 2015
Antique Emerald Green Glass Lamp

This is the smaller size of stand lamp in the antique emerald green glass lamp range known as Erin Fan. The sweeping lines of this oil lamp make it...

Sold on 11th June 2015
Original Hand Painted Parlor Lamp Kerosene Lamp c. 1895

This beautiful Gone with the Wind oil lamp is an original, matching, transfer and hand painted parlor lamp dating to the 1890s. The Gone with the...

Sold on 19th April 2015