Why do people buy oil lamps?

There are many reasons why people buy oil lamps.


For some people it is purely practical. They need a non-electric light source that is cost effective, easy to use and gives plenty of light. Center draft lamps and Aladdin incandescent mantle lamps are ideal for those in this group.

Period home decorators

Other people are drawn to oil lamps through a desire to decorate their period home in an authentic manner. For these people, the aesthetic appeal is the principal focus. Banquet lamps, parlor lamps and table lamps are the most popular for this purpose.

Buy oil lamps

Victorian style interior


Yet other people buy oil lamps as an investment. As antiques generally appreciate in value, they are seen by many as an attractive choice. Age, authenticity, condition, rarity, working order and provenance are all important considerations for this type of purchase. These are the things that determine the investment value of an antique oil lamp.


There are also those people who buy oil lamps because they have have fond childhood memories of them. For many, it takes them back to when they were staying with relatives, particularly in rural areas, where the only lighting they had was from kerosene lamps. We often find that finger lamps invoke those memories.

Why buy oil lamps?

For one of the reasons already discussed or just because you love them.

So which group do you belong to?

No matter what the reason is for buying your first kerosene lamp, it is highly likely that it won’t be your last.

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