Miller Hanging Lamp

This Edward Miller hanging lamp is one of the best quality hanging oil lamps we have handled. From the ceiling canopy to the bottom finial, the...

Sold on 22nd Sep 2017
Jeweled Hanging Lamp

A jeweled hanging lamp, such as this one, was often referred to as a kitchen lamp. We believe that the main reason for this is its smaller size....

Sold on 26th Oct. 2014
Bradley and Hubbard Hanging Oil Lamp

Dating to around the turn of the 20th century, this Bradley and Hubbard hanging lamp is stunning. The shade and vase are hand painted and the...

Sold on 27th April 2014
Bradley & Hubbard Nickel Hanging Library Lamp Kerosene Lamp with Hand Painted Shade

This hanging library lamp was made by Bradley & Hubbard and the lamp frame bearsĀ 1888 patent dates. We believe the shade to be of a similar age...

Sold on 26th April 2012