Pair of Antique Candelabra

This pair of figural three arm antique candelabra with marble bases and prisms date to the 1840s. The figures are the same on both pieces and depict...

Sold on 17th August 2013
Paul and Virginia Bronze Girandole Garniture

The scene depicted on each of the three candelabrum in this girandole garniture is of "Paul and Virginia". Paul and Virginia were the main...

Sold on 9th March 2013
John Scott Double Student Lamp

This brass John Scott oil lamp is a double student style with English duplex burners. The lamp has two individual kerosene font and burner...

Sold on 15th February 2013
Vapo-Cresolene Antique Medical Lamp

This tiny Vapo-Cresolene antique medical lamp was designed to help alleviate the symptoms of illnesses like whooping cough. They work on the same...

Sold on 18th August 2012

This cast bronze figural girandole garniture with marble bases comprises a 3 candle centrepiece plus 2 single candle side pieces. The figures are...

Sold on 24th June 2012