Antique Gone with the Wind Lamp

This is a large, antique Gone with the Wind lamp that dates to the mid 1890s. It is hand painted with liliums and has large matching motifs on the...

Sold on 28th Sep 2014
Antique Brass Vase Oil Lamp

The embossed bands and ornate handles on this antique cylindrical brass vase oil lamp set it apart from most others. The oil lamp was made by...

Sold on 5th August 2014
Antique Cast Iron and Copper Lamp

This antique vase oil lamp is different to most in that the stand for the copper lamp is cast iron rather than wrought iron or brass. The copper...

Sold on 27th April 2014
Original Half Shade Parlor Lamp

This half shade parlor lamp has an understated appeal. The combination of finely detailed transfers and subtle hand painting combine to create a very...

Sold on 21st April 2014
Antique Original Parlour Lamp

This smaller parlour lamp or Gone with the Wind lamp is one of the loveliest we have had. The pastel blue to aqua background colour is less commonly...

Sold on 9th November 2013
Original Kerosene Parlor Lamp or Gone with the Wind Lamp

This antique, original and fully matching kerosene parlor lamp or “Gone with the Wind” lamp is very appealing. The hand painted floral...

Sold on 9th November 2013
Copper Finish Trophy Lamp Kerosene Lamp

During the late 1890s, the trophy lamp was a popular style of smaller parlor or table oil lamp. The vase section was made of brass with a pair of...

Sold on 27th October 2013
Original Half Shade Parlor Oil Lamp Kerosene Lamp

This original, matching half shade "Gone with the Wind" parlor lamp is very attractive and appealing. The use of a combination of delicate floral...

Sold on 16th April 2013
Tall Gone with the Wind Oil Lamp Kerosene Lamp

The classical style of the decoration used on this tall Gone with the Wind oil lamp is less commonly seen than the floral or scenic styles and is...

Sold on 11th March 2013
Original Matching Parlour Lamp Circa 1895

This is an original matching parlour lamp with matching half shade and vase. It is decorated with applied transfers which have then been hand...

Sold on 9th March 2013
Half Shade Parlour Lamp Kerosene Lamp

The brown monochrome stencil decorations on this half shade parlour lamp bring to mind old sepia photographs which is the perfect medium for the...

Sold on 23rd January 2013
Small Hand Painted Parlour Lamp Kerosene Lamp

This smaller sized hand painted parlour lamp is very feminine and would look lovely in a bedroom. There is no doubt that the globe shade and vase...

Sold on 28th Oct 2012
Half Shade Parlor Oil Lamp Kerosene Lamp

This is a truly delightful antique half shade parlor oil lamp. The transfer and hand painted decoration features sweet little bluebirds and is...

Sold on 16th Sept 2012
Antique Dome Shade Lamp

This antique dome shade lamp is definitely one for the ladies and would look especially nice in her boudoir. Both the vase and shade feature an...

Sold on 7th September 2012

Originally this antique solar lamp would have had a very early centre draught burner and used vegetable oil or lard for fuel. Some time after 1860...

Sold on 2nd September 2012

This is an unusual antique oriental vase lamp in that it blends a lot of different elements from across the world to produce a very beautiful lamp....

Sold on 11th August 2012