English Duplex Paraffin Lamp circa 1905

The style of this antique English duplex paraffin lamp (kerosene lamp) points to it having been made circa 1905. It bears strong similarities to...

Antique French Oil Lamp early 1900s

This is a very pretty little antique French oil lamp from the early 1900s. The blue glass font is a lovely colour and the embossed diamond and...

Antique Kosmos Vase Lamp with Frosted Shade

This antique Kosmos vase lamp is European in origin, most likely German, and dates from the mid 1880s to the early 1900s. The vase is beautifully...

Antique English Duplex Parlour Oil Lamp

This antique English duplex parlour lamp dates to around the turn of the 20th century. The clear glass font has a lovely raised honeycomb style...


Like all antique vase lamps, this lamp has a removable font that makes it much easier to use. Being able to simply lift the font out of the vase...

Sold December 2022
Antique Green Slag Glass Lamp

This antique electric slag glass lamp is one of the smaller styles. The shade is square and has panels of green slag glass. The colours within the...

Sold December 2022
Pair of tiny Lithgow Lamps with red fonts

Here we have a pair of tiny Lithgow Lamps with cast iron bases and red glass fonts. The glass is a lovely rich ruby red colour and the cast iron...

AU$190 the pair
Sold on 9th Dec 2018
English Orange Embossed Font Oil Lamp

This beautiful embossed font oil lamp was made in England circa 1900. The lovely orange glass font is heavily embossed with floral motifs and the...

Sold on 9th Nov 2018
Amethyst Glass Font Table Lamp

The amethyst glass font on this lamp has a subtle optic pattern within the glass. It is like a cross between a thumbprint and a honeycomb pattern....

Sold on 16th June 2018
Pair of Antique English Table Lamps

Here we have a lovely pair of completely matching, hand painted English table lamps. The style of both the fonts and the bases suggest they date to...

Sold on 27th March 2018
B&H Brass Table Oil Lamp

The pattern around the foot of this brass table oil lamp immediately identifies the maker as Bradley and Hubbard (B&H) circa 1900. The pierced...

AU$175 (AF)
Sold on 19th Sep 2017
Pair of tiny Lithgow Lamps with green fonts

Here we have a pair of tiny Lithgow Lamps with cast iron bases and green glass fonts. The glass is a lovely dark emerald green colour and the cast...

AU$190 the pair
Sold on 2nd August 2017
Pair Tiny Juno Oil Lamps

Tiny Juno oil lamps in good order are becoming much harder to find so to have a pair of them is even rarer. Both of these lovely little lamps have...

AU$250 the pair
Sold on 12th April 2017
English cast iron base lamp

English Cast Iron Base Lamp circa 1933 This style of English cast iron base lamp was popular from the 1880s through to the 1930s. They were...

Sold on 17th Dec 2016
Kosmos Brass Vase Lamp

We believe this sweet little Kosmos brass vase lamp dates to around 1900. The cherubs and the chiseled background decoration on the vase suggests...

Sold on 22nd Oct 2016
Antique Kerosene Table Lamp with Shade

We believe this antique kerosene table lamp dates to the first quarter of the 20th century. It has all the hallmarks of an English table lamp except...

Sold on 20th July 2015