Antique Wrought Iron Lamp

Product code - 0129
Sold on 19th July 2014

This antique wrought iron lamp is almost tall enough to be called an organ lamp rather than a banquet lamp.

This style of oil lamp was popular in North America during the late 19th century and a similar wrought iron lamp is shown on page 63 of Catherine Thuro’s first book “Oil Lamps – The Kerosene Era in North America”.

It is a testament to the skills and talents of the blacksmiths of the day. Using nothing more than an anvil, bellows and a couple of hand tools, they were able to produce interesting and artistic items such as this. The fancy scroll work of the stand is repeated in the fine scrolls of the font holder cradle.

The removable brass slip font was made by Matthews & Willard Mfg. Co. of Waterbury, Connecticut. It is in good working order and complete with a wick, flame spreader and a new chimney. The flame spreader bears the patent date of August 18 1896.

The dark green, melon style shade is not new but it isn’t as old as the lamp either. For this reason we will call it a “vintage” shade. This style of shade has been extremely popular and in constant production for many years making it difficult to date accurately.

The black wrought iron, shiny brass and dark green shade combine to create a sturdy, attractive and durable kerosene lamp.

  Height to the top of the chimney – 80cm (31.5″)

Height to the top of the shade  – 71cm (28″)

Width of the base (triangular) – 27cm (10.5″)

Diameter of the shade – 25cm (10″)

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