Blue Glass Finger Lamp c.1900

Product code - 0654FSB
Sold on 13th Oct 2017

This unusual smokey blue glass finger lamp has a rib pattern within the glass. It also has an eight pointed star moulded into the body on the opposite side to the handle.

It is hand blown with a multitude of tiny air bubbles within the glass and it also has an applied handle.

We can’t be sure where this kerosene finger lamp was made. It has the look of an English lamp but is fitted with an American style collar. Given that in Australia in the early 20th century lamp parts were sourced from both countries, it could well have been made here.

The design of the lamp certainly indicates that it was made in the late 19th or early 20th century.

The lamp is also fitted with a rather unusual burner. It is made mostly of steel but is fitted with a brass cap. We have seen all steel and all brass burners but this is the first one we have seen with both metals.

Finally, a new wick and chimney complete this unusual smokey blue glass finger lamp.


Overall, this antique blue glass finger lamp is in very good condition.

Judging by the amount of shelf wear on the bottom of this oil lamp, it has been well used but also well cared for. There are no chips or cracks in the glass but there is one tiny surface bubble that has burst (as made) and a tiny bruise to one bottom corner of the handle. Both things are barely noticeable and only mentioned for accuracy. They certainly don’t effect the use of the lamp.

We are sure this lovely antique oil lamp will be a wonderful addition to your home or your collection.


Height to the top of the burner – 13.5cm (5.25″)

Height to the top of the chimney – 29cm (11.5″)

Width of the lamp (including handle) – 14cm (5.5″)

Diameter of the base – 11cm (4.25″)

Further information

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