Fenton Silver Crest Basket 1960s

Product code - O0005

Fenton Silver Crest Basket

It is most likely that this lovely Fenton Silver Crest Petticoat Glass Basket was produced between 1964 and 1971. The crimp marks where the handle is fused to the basket appears to identify the handler as Dave Vincent. Dave worked for Fenton glass for just over forty years from 1964 until 2005. There is no logo on the underside of the basket which indicates that this basket was made before 1972.

Fenton printed major catalogues every two years and this basket is shown in each of the catalogues from 1965 to 1971. It is identified as “#7237SC 7″ basket”. In one of the catalogues, Fenton Silver Crest Petticoat glass is described as follows: “The spun crystal edge, the delicate crystal handles and the distinctive ruffles of the Fenton crimp make it the party perfect glass. Each piece slightly different – each piece lovely in its simple beauty.”


This lovely Fenton Silver Crest Petticoat glass basket is in excellent condition. The milk glass body and the crystal handle and edge are in perfect condition. There are no chips, cracks, damage or discolouration of any kind. There is, however, a minor manufacturing straw mark which is something that can be felt rather than seen and is only mentioned for accuracy. It has not been possible to get a photograph of the straw mark.


Height from the base to the top of the handle – 20cm (8″)

Width across the handle – 15cm (6″)

Width of the basket – 17cm (6.75″)

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