Australian Wembley Ware Swan Ashtray

Wembley Ware Lustre Glazed Swan Ashtray

Product code - WWSA
Sold on 22nd April 2013

Wembley Ware was produced in Subiaco, Western Australia between 1946-1961.

This delicate, lustre glazed, swan ashtray is a very fine example of their work.

The quality of the pearlescent glaze is exceptionally good and the original gilding is still as perfect as the day it was made.

The design and proportions of this Wembley Ware piece are more delicate and elegant than many in their range.

The astray measures 5 inches in diameter is in excellent condition without any chips, cracks, crazing or loss to the gilding.

For more information about this piece of Wembley Ware, please feel free to contact us quoting “Product code – WWSA”

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