Antique Medical Lamp Dated 1888

Vapo-Cresolene Antique Medical Lamp

Product code - 0400
Sold on 18th August 2012

This tiny Vapo-Cresolene antique medical lamp was designed to help alleviate the symptoms of illnesses like whooping cough.

They work on the same principal as modern aroma oil lamps that use a tea-light candle as the heat source.

The small kerosene lamp heats the Cresolene liquid, a derivative of coal oil, in the top tray to release the soothing vapours.

The antique medical lamp bears patent dates of August 4 1885 and August 8 1888.

The opal glass chimney with this lamp is different to the original ones so we think it is possible that it was replaced at some time. We haven’t seen any new opal glass chimneys in recent years so if it is a replacement, it would have been some time ago.

Unfortunately, the original finish on the stand has largely worn off. Apart from this, the Vapo-Cresolene antique medical lamp is in very good condition and is complete.

Height of the lamp – 16cm (6.25″)

Width of the lamp – 9cm (3.5″)

Depth of the lamp – 8cm (3.25″)

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