Miller Juno Piano Lamp circa 1895


Product code - 0491
Sold on 26th April 2018

This lovely, brass Miller Juno piano lamp dates to the late 1890s. It is ornately decorated all over. The font holder is heavily embossed with a repeated acanthus leaf motif and the leafy theme continues to the central tray section and the bracing on the legs. Another feature of this antique piano lamp is the telescopic centre column which allows the light to be set at whatever height is desired.

The brass slip font is embossed “Juno Lamp Made in the USA” and the wick raising mechanism is the style that was patented by Edward Miller & Co in 1895.

The hand painted globe shade is also antique, being of a similar age to the piano lamp. It is beautifully decorated with fully open yellow roses and brown leaves. The background has a lilac coloured wash around the top that fades to white and some small pink to red splashes of highlighting.


Overall, this Miller Juno piano lamp is in very good to excellent condition. The brass is free from any dents, splits or cracks

The telescopic mechanism raises and lowers but the “brake” that locks it into position has become worn due to use and the ravages of time and can’t be relied upon to hold the font in the desired position.

The removable slip font is sound and in good working condition. There is a small dent in the side of the font which can’t be seen once it is in position in the font holder and is only mentioned for accuracy. The wick is good and the chimney is new.

Finally, the antique, hand painted shade is in very good to excellent condition. It has the shallow bottom fitter lip with the roughness you expect to see in these early shades. Also the original brass heat ring is still in place. There are no cracks or repairs but there is a small burst bubble and a shallow flake. The burst bubble is “as made” because it is under the hand painted decoration. The flake is in the lilac background close to the heat ring and the opal glass is visible but it is a tiny area and only visible upon close inspection.

We are sure this lovely Miller Juno piano lamp will be a wonderful addition to your home or your collection.


Height to the top of the shade (lowered) – 150cm (59″)

Height to the top of the shade (raised) – 196cm (79″)

Diameter of the shade (widest point) – 23cm (9″)

Diameter of the font holder – 17cm (6.75″)

Width of the base (triangular) – approximately 51cm (20″)

Further information

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