Aladdin Cathedral Lamp

Aladdin 501-9 style shade with frosted top

Product code - 0076
Sold on 9th March. 2015

The Aladdin Cathedral lamp was only produced in 1934. They came in three moonstone models (white, green and flesh) and three crystal colours (clear, amber and green). This kerosene mantle lamp is the clear crystal variety, Model 107.

As an added bonus, the lamp glows quite brightly when exposed to UV light

The oil lamp is fitted with a nickel Model B burner. The burner is in good working order and includes a wick and a flame spreader. A new Aladdin branded Lox-on chimney is included.

Please note: In order to burn properly, the lamp requires a mantle. The lamp is not currently fitted with a mantle due to their fragile nature. A new mantle will be supplied if required.

The nickel plated shade ring is the underburner style.

The shade is a contemporary reproduction (non Aladdin) of the 501-9 style shade with a frosted top.

This Aladdin Cathedral lamp is in very good to excellent condition and will be a stylish addition to your home or your collection.

Height to the top of the chimney – 63.5cm (25″)

Height to the top of the shade – 51cm (20″)

Diameter of the shade (widest part) – 28cm (11″)

Diameter of the shade (fitter) – 25cm (10″)

For more information about this Aladdin Cathedral lamp, please feel free to contact us and quote “Product code – 0076”

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